My Journey towards Certified Jenkins Engineer

  1. Background
  2. Why take this certification
  3. Pre-requisites
  4. How to prepare & related resources?
  5. Exam structure
  6. How much time to prepare?
  7. Exam experience
  8. Concluding thoughts


Why take this certification


How to prepare & related resources?

  1. Cloudbees provide free courses (yes, absolutely free); these might be the best way to prepare for the exam.
  2. Please read the documentation thoroughly from Jenkins; it’s pretty neat.
  3. Found this channel v useful, explaining some concepts pretty well.
  4. Found this course affordable and very practical.
  • Jenkins — Fundamentals
  • Jenkins Pipeline — Fundamentals
  • Jenkins Administration — Fundamentals

How to register for the exam?

Exam Structure

  • 60 multiple-choice questions in 90 minutes
  • You must correctly answer 66% of the questions to pass the exam.
  • Exam cost: $100
  • The entire exam is divided into 4 main topics

How much time to prepare?

Exam experience

Concluding thoughts



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Sandeep Baldawa

Sandeep Baldawa

whoami >> Slack, Prev — Springpath (Acquired by Cisco), VMware, Backend Engineer, Build & Release, Infra, Devops & Cybersecurity Enthusiast